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Florida the Sunshine State

Florida being the sunshine state has an advantage for residents, they get plenty of vitamin D daily. A low serum level of vitamin D is associated with peripheral artery disease. There is growing evidence that adequate vitamin D levels are cardio protective. Vitamin D plays a role in regulating cell division, and differentiation, which means this, protects and possibly prevents breast, colon, and various other cancers. Numerous studies have shown without a doubt that people with the highest levels of vitamin D develop fewer cancers. In most studies the reduction of the risk of developing the condition is 50% lower in the people with the highest vitamin D level.

Low vitamin D levels are linked to high blood pressure. Data from the Third National Health and nutrition Examination Survey, found a correlation between low vitamin D levels and slightly higher blood pressure. This has been published in the Life Extension magazine in November of 2007. A lower level of vitamin has been linked to depression.

Well, there isn’t a serious shortage of vitamin D in Florida. This is a part of the picture of healthy living in Florida. The best source of vitamin D is from sunlight. Taking it as a supplement you can wind up with a dose that is too high, and that presents problems of another kind. However, this does not happen by being exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D toxicity can only come from nutritional supplementation. Vitamin D is synthesized in the body from the sunlight, and in this form is completely non toxic.

There are many reasons that Florida promotes a healthy lifestyle. The outdoor types of activities, that can be taken advantage of most of the year, account for one of the advantages of being a Floridian. There is such diversity in the sports that are taken up by the residents of this area. Bradenton Florida is home to an internationally renowned training facility that offers Tennis, golf, basketball, baseball and many other sport training.

Healthy lifestyles are something that you can practice anywhere, the advantages of Florida is seen in the weather, and relaxed pace. Many of the residents in this state do not realize that it abounds with some world class health retreats, places that people go to heal from various conditions. Florida is a place that attracts both health practitioners, and health seekers. The rejuvenating effect of living surrounded by beautiful scenery, and bright sunlight is what Florida offers its residents; the rest is up to each individual to combine this with good nutrition, stress relief, and physical activity.

Florida’s appeal is something that you can see when you look outside; the environment is inviting to some of the most forward thinking health and wellness practitioners. Right here in this state are some of the best known healing centers in the country. This is a place where we will highlight the best examples of both the retreats, and the integrative practitioners. Florida healthy living blog will go beyond the boarders of Florida to bring you all the tips you need for a wide open inspirational life.


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